Saint Trudo of Hesbaye

Also known as

  • Apostle of Hasbein
  • Tron
  • Trond
  • Trudjen
  • Trudon
  • Truiden
  • Trutjen
  • Truyen



Son of Blessed Adela. Related to the dukes of Austrasia. Benedictine monk under Saint Remaclus. Studied at the cathedral at Metz, France. Ordained by Saint Clodulf of Metz. Noted preacher. Built a church on the land around his family’s home c.656, and had it blessed by Saint Theodard of Liege in the names of Saint Quintinus and Saint Remigius of Rheims. Evangelized the throughout the area of Hasbein, and as the converts grew he was forced to build a monastery which was later named for him. Founded a convent near Bruges, Belgium c.660. The assorted movements of his relics have led to several local lists having different dates for his memorial.





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