Saint Remaclus of Maastricht

statue of Saint Remaclus, Saint Sebastian's church in Stavelot, Belgium; taken on 28 April 2006 by Paul Hermans; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Remaclus of Stavelot
  • Remaclus of Solignac
  • Remacle
  • Remaculus
  • Rimagilus



Born to the nobility, Remaclus grew up in and around the royal court of Aquitaine (in modern France. Studied under Saint Sulpicius of Bourges. Benedictine monk in 625. Priest. First abbot at Solignac Abbey near Limoges, France, appointed by Saint Eligius. Abbot of the monastery at Cugnon, duchy of Luxembourg. Advisor to King Sigebert II of Austrasia. Convinced the king to found the double abbey of Stavelot, Belgium, and Malmedy, Ardennes, France, in 648; Remaclus served as its first abbot. Missionary bishop of Maastricht, Netherlands from 652 to 663, a diocese frequently out of touch with the Church and known to murder its bishops. He worked to spread monasticism in the region. Friend and co-worker with Saint Hadelin. Spiritual teacher of Saint Trond, Saint Babolen, Saint Theodard of Maastricht, and Saint Lambert of Maestricht. In his later years retired to the abbey at Stavelot to spend his final days as a prayerful monk.



  • c.663 at Stavelot Abbey, Belgium of natural causes



  • with a wolf nearby
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