Würzburg Abbeys


The city of Würzburg was the seat of four Benedictine abbeys.

(1) Abbey of the Holy Redeemer (S. Salvatoris), founded c.745 by Saint Burchard. The monks in charge of the cathedral school were replaced, 786, by canons styled Brothers of Saint Kilian, the expelled monks going to the Abbey of Neustadt.

(2) Saint Andrew’s Abbey (afterwards Saint Burchard’s), founded after 748, by Saint Burchard, had a famous monastic school. Pius II, 1464, changed the abbey church into a collegiate church and permitted the former monks to remain as canons.

(3) Saint Stephen’s Abbey, founded c.1013 by Henry of Rothenburg, for canons following the Rule of Saint Chrodegang. Since its secularization in 1803, it has been used as a Protestant parish church and school.

(4) Saint James Abbey, founded as a Scotch monastery c.1134 by Bishop Embrico of Würzburg, united to the Bursfeld Congregation in 1506, but restored to the Scotch monks in 1595; it was secularized in 1803; the buildings were converted into a military hospital.

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