Venerable Vincenzo Lipàni

Venerable Vincenzo LipàniAlso known as

  • Angelico of Caltanisetta
  • Fra Angelico


Studied at the Jesuit college in Caltanissetta, Italy. He joined the Franciscan Capuchins in Palermo, Italy on 13 October 1861, taking the name Fra Angelico; he made his solemn profession on 13 October 1865. Ordained a priest on 3 December 1865 in Palermo.

In 1866, religious orders were suppressed in the kingdom of Italy, and the convent in Palermo was closed. With the Franciscans outlawed, Father Vincenzo became a diocesan priest; in 1872 he was assigned to the parish in Caltanissetta which housed an ancient wooden crucifix known locally as the Lord of the City. Vincenzo taught at the local seminary, and served as spiritual teacher of local Franciscan tertiaries.

When the suppression of religious orders was ended, Fra Angelico resumed his Franciscan habit, and worked to spread the Order. He established the Lord of the City Institute on 4 October 1884 to care for children orphaned in mining accidents. Founded the Franciscan Sisters of the Lord of the City, a religious congregation dedicated to caring for the poor.




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