Venerable Tommasina Vernazza

Venerable Tommasina VernazzaAlso known as

  • Battistina


Daughter of Ettore Vernazza, a patrician who founded hospitals for the poor in the Italian cities of Genoa, Rome, and Naples. God-daughter of Saint Catherine Fieschi-Adorno. She became a Canoness Regular of the Lateran of Saint Augustine at the monastery of Saint Maria delle Grazier at age 13, taking the name Battistina. Served as treasurer, novice-mistress, and prioress. She wrote a commentary on the Pater Noster, The Union of the soul with God, Of the knowledge of God, Of prayer, Of the heavenly joys and of the means of attaining them, Of those who have risen with Christ, along with assorted meditations, spiritual canticles, and letters.




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