Venerable Satoko Elisabeth Maria Kitahara

Venerable Satoko KitaharaAlso known as

  • Erizabe-to Maria
  • Mary of Ant City


Born to the Japanese aristocracy, a descendent of samurai warriors, and raised in a Shinto household. Lay woman in the archdiocese of Tokyo, Japan. Worked in the Nakajima airplane factory during World War II as a young girl; she survived a bombing of the plant. Developed tuberculosis. Adult convert to Christianity, baptized on 30 October 1949, taking the name Elisabeth Maria. Worked with the Franciscan Mission of the Immaculate Conception to minister to the poor, sick, orphaned and displaced who lived with almost nothing in the years following the War, especially in a slum and tent city known as Ant City. Satoko eventually realized that the only way to truly help these people was to become one; she renounced her family’s wealth and position, and lived with the homeless and outcast, praying endlessly for them and with them. First Japanese person declared as Servant of God.




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