Venerable Pirro Scavizzi

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Ordained a priest of the vicariate of Rome, Italy on 7 July 1907. He made a personal vow to remain a diocesan priest his whole life, and never accepted any ecclesiastical titles. Beginning in 1915, he served as a military chaplain in World War I, and worked with the sick and wounded on hospital trains. After the war, he returned to parish ministry, and in 1921 Father Pirro was chosen spiritual director of UNITALSI, a group that organized pilgrimages to Lourdes, France. When World War II broke out, he again became a military chaplain, again caring for patients on hospital trains. He thus travelled extensively, which enabled him to collect information about life under the Nazis, including the concentration camps, which he forwarded to the Vatican. He became chaplain of the Order of Malta in 1942, and between trips to combat areas, helped Jewish refugees in Rome. After the war he became a travelling preacher, conducting missions in parishes throughout Europe. Confessor to Pope Saint John XXIII.




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