Venerable Marina de Escobar

Venerable Marina de Escobar, by Tomas de PeñascoProfile

Daughter of Iago de Escobar, professor of civil and canon law, and governor of Osuna; and Margaret Montana. Raised in a pious family. Spiritual student of Venerable Luis de Ponte. She suffered from poor health, and was bedridden from age fifty. Established a branch of the Brigittine Order with rules modified to suit her times and country. A mystic and visionary, Marina’s revelations were written down by her, arranged by Venerable Luis de Ponte, and published after her death. Book I deals with the extraordinary means by which God led her; Book II has revelations about the mysteries of redemption; Book III concerns God and the Blessed Trinity; Book IV is about Guardian Angels and the Blessed Virgin Mary; Book V gives means to help souls in purgatory and to save souls on earth; and Book VI reveals her perfection under terrible physical sufferings.



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