Venerable Marguerite Parigot

Venerable Marguerite ParigotAlso known as

  • Little Spouse of the Infant Jesus
  • Marguerite du Saint-Sacrement
  • Marguerite of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Margaret….


At age five, Margaret received her first vision of the Child Jesus. At age eleven she made her First Communion, and then later the same day joined the Carmelites. The girl was soon afflicted with convulsions, rigidity in the limbs, and a constant feeling of fear and oppression. Doctors called in to help her performed a useless operation that left her with lifelong head pain. Margaret and the mother superior of the house decided the girl was under demonic attack, and she was cured by prayer. Soon after Margaret began to have visions, and to fall into ecstasies during prayer. She began to relive the mysteries of the life of Our Lord as each came up in the liturgical calendar. Stigmatist. On 24 March 1636 she founded the Family of the Child Jesus, an association to honor the Holy Childhood of Jesus; by 1665 the association had about 3,000 members, and continues today with the name Archconfraternity of the Infant Jesus. Following a request by Christ in a vision, she helped build a chapel in the nearby monastery of Saint Etienne. She died at age 29, having lived her life in devotion to the Child Jesus and Holy Family.




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The wonders of My Infancy will be resplendent in you. I have chosen you to honor My Infancy and the mysteries of Bethlehem and of Nazareth. – Jesus in a vision to Venerable Margaret

I wish you to institute an association of which I will inspire the rules. . . this association will be My family, the Family of the Infant Jesus, this is the title you shall give it. – Jesus in a vision to Venerable Margaret

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