Venerable José María Arizmendiarrieta Madariaga

Venerable José María Arizmendiarrieta MadariagaAlso known as

  • José Arizmendi


The oldest son in his family, José lost an eye in a childhood accident. As an adult, he worked as a journalist for Basque language newspapers. His work caused the antiCatholic forces to imprison him and sentence him to death in the Spanish Civil War, but he was accidentally released before his execution. He then returned to his studies and was ordained a priest in the diocese of San Sebastián, Spain in 1941. In the Basque town of Arrasate (Mondragón), Spain, he was unpopular as a liturgist; his vision made it very difficult for him to read, and parishioners had trouble understanding him. To better serve his flock, Father José decided to concentrate on economic development in the war-ravaged region; he helped start consumer and worker co-operatives, training in skilled trades, supported education in general, and in 1943 he founded what became Mondragón University.




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