Venerable Jean-Baptiste Berthier

Venerable Jean-Baptiste BerthierProfile

The eldest son in a pious peasant farm family, Jean early felt a call to the priesthood, and began studying at the minor seminary in Grenoble, France at age 13. He was an excellent student, was ordained a priest in 1862, and then joined the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, serving first in La Salette, and then preaching retreats throughout France. As he travelled, he wrote 36 works on theology, most devoted to developing personal holiness by imitating the Holy Family. In 1889 he took over leadership of the Missionaries‘s seminary, working hard to finance schooling for poor boys who believed that they had a vocation in the priesthood.

With the help of Cardinal Benoît-Marie Langénieux, Father Berthier founded the Institute for Late Vocations in Grave, Netherlands in 1895 to help men who realized a call to the priesthood later in life; the Institute received episcopal approval in 1904, and changed their name to the Missionaries of the Holy Family. Father Jean spent his remaining years working for the establishment of the Missionaries who continue their good work today with priests and brothers serving in 22 countries.




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