Venerable Giunio Tinarelli

[Venerable Giunio Tinarelli]
Also known as

  • Apostle of the Sick
  • Junius Tinarelli


Son of Alfredo and Maria Giorgini Tinarelli. Giunio was a religious boy, which put him in conflict with his irreligious father; Giunio had to be baptized in secret because of his father‘s opposition to the Church. The boy worked in a printing plant at age 12, a lock and key factory at age 14, a steel mill at age 16, and then as a locomotive mechanic. At the age of 25, however, he began to suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis deformans; he was forced him to quit work, was soon bed-ridden, and by age 28 he was paralyzed. His marriage plans ended, Giunio found himself completely helpless, he began to despair, and suffered a crisis of faith. However, with the help of his friends in the local Oratory of Saint Gabriel, Giunio soon recovered his faith and began looking for a way to serve from his bed. Pilgrim to Lourdes, France in 1948. Member of the Pious Union of the Silent Workers of the Cross and worked with the Volunteer Center of Suffering. He worked spiritual retreats for other people with severe illnesses, and in 1953 was appointed lay director of the men of the Silent Workers of the Cross. Crippled as he was, Giunio still found a way to be Church and bring the Church to others.




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