Venerable Giorgio Guzzetta

Venerable Giorgio GuzzettaAlso known as

  • Gjergj Guzetës


Giorgio grew up worshipping in the Greek-Byzantine Catholic rite, and speaking both Italian and Albanian. After studies in Piana dei Greci, the Jesuit college in Trapani, and the seminary in the archdiocese of Monreale, he earned a doctorate in theology. He served as secretary to Archbishop Francisco del Guidice, and translated Greek classics.

On 5 December 1706, he joined the Oratorians in Palermo, Italy. On 22 December 1707, he was ordained a priest in the Latin rite. He preached in Italian and Albanian, serving all communities. He founded the Oratory of Piana for celibate priests in the Byzantine rite; though he founded it, Father Giogio never joined as he was ordained in Latin rite.

He helped found the College of Mary to educate and catechize girls. In 1734 he started the first Greek-Albanian seminary in Palermo to train priests in the Byzantine rite. Late in life he developed a disease that left him blind in his final days.




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