Venerable Emilio Recchia


Emilio joined the Congregation of the Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ in 1903 at age 17 while still in high school, and made his perpetual profession on 8 August 1908. Ordained a priest on 3 September 1911. He became a noted preacher, and served as a teacher in Stigmatine communities in the Italian cities of Gemona, Pistoia, Milan and Verona. A military chaplain in World War I, he was assigned to serve at the front. He was captured by Austrian troops on 30 October 1917 while helping the wounded, and was released in 1919 due to health problems.

After the War, he resumed his priestly ministry in Milan, Rome, Verona and Trent. Elected Secretary General of the Stigmatines in 1934 and was transferred to Rome; there he also served as parish priest for the next 32 years. He helped hide Jewish refugees during World War II. He was known for a strong spiritual life, spending nights praying in Eucharistic Adoration.




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