Venerable Elyas Butros Al-Hwayek

Venerable Elyas Butros Al-HwayekAlso known as

  • Elyas Butros Hawayek
  • Elyas Butros Hoayek
  • Elyas Butros Hoyek
  • Elyas Butros Huayek
  • Elias Peter…


Elias studied at the Seminary College of Saint John Maroun in North Lebanon, the Jesuit seminary in Ghazir, Lebanon beginning in 1859, in Rome, Italy in beginning in 1866, and was ordained a priest in 1870. Chosen Maronite archbishop of Antioch, Lebanon and Titular Archbishop of Arca in Armenia in 1889, and then Patriarch of Antioch on 6 January 1899; he served in this capacity for over 30 years. Founded the Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family. Helped found the Patriarchal Vicariate in Cairo, Egypt in 1904. Led a delegation at the Paris Peace Conference after World War I. Founded independent Marionite Rite dioceses in the United States and in Argentina in 1920.





Both national feeling and religion make it an obligation for you to respect and love everybody whatever may be his belief. Reason leads you to fraternize with the person you live with under the same sky and on the same land. Venerable Elyas, 1931

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