Venerable Elia dalla Costa

Venerable Elia dalla CostaAlso known as

  • Elia Angelo


Youngest of five children born to Luigi dalla Costa and Teresa dal Balcon; he was one of only two that survived childhood, and his mother died when the boy was only five years old. In addition to theological studies, he obtained a degree in literature while in seminary. Ordained a priest in the diocese of Vicenza, Italy on 25 July 1895. Parish priest in the Italian cities of Vicenza, Villaverta, Pievebelvicino, Pozzoleone and Schio. During World War I, he helped the wounded and refugees, and took care of children orphaned in the fighting; he was later awarded the Croce di Cavaliere della Corona d’Italia for his work. Chosen bishop of Padua, Italy on 23 May 1923. Chosen archbishop of Florence, Italy on 19 December 1931, he served for over 30 years. Elevated to Cardinalpriest of San Marco by Pope Pius XI on 13 March 1933. Strong opponent of Fascism and Communism, gave refuge to Jews during World War II, and provided fake documentation to people to flee persecution. Part of the 1939 conclave that elected Pope Pius XII (Cardinal Elia was considered for the throne, himself), and the conclave of 1958 that elected Pope John XXIII. The organization Yad Vashem named him part of the Righteous Among the Nations for his work to save Jews during the Holocaust.




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