Venerable Cesare Baronio

detail of a painting of Venerable Cesare Baronius, c.1622, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Cesare Baronius


Born to the nobility in Naples, Italy, the son of Camillo Baronio and Porzia Febonia. Educated in Veroli, Italy. Studied law in Naples and Rome, Italy. Doctor of law. Friend and spiritual student of Saint Phillip Neri. Joined Saint Phillip‘s Congregation of the Oratory in 1557. Sub-deacon on 21 December 1560. Deacon on 20 May 1561. Ordained on 27 May 1564, and served as parish priest at San Giovanni de’ Fiorentini, Rome. Transferred to Santa Maria church, Vallicella, Italy on 15 July 1575. By order of Pope Gregory XIII, he revised the Roman Martyrology with editions published from 1586 through 1589. Wrote a history of the Church from its origins until 1198, published in twelve-volumes from 1588 through 1607; he is considered the father of modern Church history. Superior general of the Congregation in 1593. Confessor to Pope Clement VIII in 1594. Protonotary apostolic on 21 November 1595. Created cardinal priest on 5 June 1596. Librarian of the Holy Roman Church from May 1597 until his death. Accompanied Pope Clement VIII on his visit to Ferrara in April and May 1598. Abbot commendatario of San Gregorio al Monte Celio church, Rome, from 1602. Participated in the two conclaves of 1605 that chose Pope Paul V, and was nearly elected Pope in the first.



  • 30 June 1607 at San Maria, Vallicella, Rome, Italy of natural causes
  • buried to the left of the main altar under the presbytery of the church San Maria, Vallicella, Chiesa Nuova


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