Venerable Anastasius Hartmann

Venerable Anastasius HartmannAlso known as

  • Alois Hartmann


Capuchin Franciscan Friar. Educated in Solothurn. Ordained in 1825. Energetic missionary to India beginning in Agra in 1843. Vicar Apostolic of Patna, India (modern diocese of Allahabad) in 1845. Titular Bishop of Derbe on 13 March 1846. Administrator-Apostolic of Bombay, India in 1849. Vicar-Apostolic of Bombay in 1854. Founded the Bombay Examiner.

Bishop Hartmann built the old cathedral of Patna, which is now unused, in bad condition, and in the care of the nearby Jesuit school. In the 1930s there were reports that occassionally at midnight the old building would be flooded with light, an odor of incense would fill the air, and a man in vestments would be seen silently celebrating the Mass. The man was generally believed to be Venerable Anastasius. The Jesuits have begun asking for his intervention in their work, and the converts in the region went from a handful each year to hundreds.




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