To Saint Ann, Mother of the Blessed Virgin

for her feast on the 26th of July

Spotless Anna! Juda’s glory!
  Through the Church from East to West
Every tongue proclaims thy praises
  Holy Mary’s Mother blest!

Saintly kings and priestly sires
  Blended in thy sacred line;
Thou in virtue, all before thee
  Didst excel by grace divine.

Link’d in bonds of purest wedlock,
  Thine it was for us to bear,
By the favor of High Heaven,
  Our eternal Virgin Star.

From thy stem in beauty budded
  Ancient Jesse’s mystic rod;
Earth from thee received the Mother
  Of the Almighty Son of God.

All the human race benighted
  In the depths of darkness lay;
When in Ann it saw the dawning
  Of the long expected day.

Honor, glory, virtue, merit,
  Be to Thee, O Virgin’s Son!
With the Father and the Spirit
  While Eternal ages run.