To Mother Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonO Holy Foundress look today
   From the blessed realms above,
Wide-spread thy children sound thy praise
   And claim with joy thy Mother’s love.
Thy influence grows with passing years,
   Thy memory sweet like perfume rare
Clings round the homes thy daughters rear
   And sheds its fragrance everywhere.

O Valiant Mother, undismayed
   In every trial fraught with pain,
Thou sang’st a Deo Gratias
   And deemed the suff’ring but thy gain.
Cross-laden we need thy courage strong,
   And our lips tremble as they sing,
Let the faint echo of thy song
   Spur us to follow Christ our King.

O Saintly Mother, oft in prayer
   Thy spirit soared aloft to God,
To gaze upon His sanctity
   Because the lowly ways thou’dst trod.
As lark unseen above the clouds
   Fills earth with rapturous jubilee,
So would’st thou chant thy Maker’s praise,
   Such faith we ask His Face to see.

O Loving Mother, swells the song
   Of faithful voices young and old,
The little children led to God
   Safe shepherded within its fold.
The sick, the poor, the fatherless,
   Each one, thy Charity avows.
But sweetest sounds the Virgins’ hymn
   Whom thou hast given to Christ, their Spouse.