The Works of Fra Angelico – The Annunciation

The Annunciation, by Fra AngelicoFra Angelico painted this ‘Annunciation,’ bearing a Latin inscription inviting all passers-by to say an Ave to Our Lady, in the upper corridor of the cloisters of San Marco, Florence. The fair-haired Virgin, clad in a pale pink dress and dark blue mantle, seated upon a rough wooden stool in an open loggia, reverently receives the message brought to her by the angel, who, with wings still outspread as if he had just alighted from heavenly heights, bows before her whom he hails as the chosen one of God. His pale rose-colored robe is edged with gold, and his wings glow with delicate tints of rose and violet, green and yellow. Through the arches of the slender columns we see a garden where the grass is starred with daisies, and beyond its wooden paling rose-bushes and tall cypress-trees grow. An evening light enhances the holy calm that pervades the scene.