The Prince of Walsingham, by Francis C Devas, SJ

Our Lady of WalsinghamThe little Prince of Walsingham
   Is Prince no longer there.
His Mother’s shrine is desolate
   Her home laid bare.

An English Herod drove her forth
   In exile, from the place
Where she had been so bountiful
   With heavenly grace.

And in her absence from the land
   Such lies were put abroad
That scorning Mary seemed to be
   Praising Our Lord.

Alas! that any Englishman
   Should think dishonour done
To that sweet Mother, would not be
   Grief to her Son.

The little Prince of Walsingham
   Will not reign there alone.
He will not come till we restore
   His Mother’s throne.

Rebuild, rebuild at Walsingham
   Our Lady’s ancient shrine!
Then will He give us through her hands
   His gifts divine