The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 8 October 1586


Venerable John Adams, secular priest
Venerable John Lowe, secular priest
Venerable Richard Dibdale, secular priest

These three Martyrs were condemned and suffered martyrdom by reason of their priestly character and for exercising their sacred functions. The first was born in Dorsetshire.

Venerable John Lowe was a Londoner. He was a convert and had been a Protestant Minister.

Venerable Richard Dibdale was born in Worcestershire. He practised the office of an exorcist, and delivered and reconciled to the Church many possessed persons who, by forsaking their religion, had fallen into the power of the Evil One. He forced the devils to confess to their confusion the virtue which is contained in the Sign of the Cross, Holy Water, and the relics, both of the ancient saints and of the Martyrs who suffered in England in those days for the Catholic Faith.

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