The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 4 August 1540


Blessed William Horne, Carthusian lay brother
Venerable Edmund Brindholm, secular priest
Venerable Clement Philpot, layman

Blessed William Horne was one of the ten Carthusians of the London Charterhouse who, on refusing to sign the Oath of the King’s supremacy, were dragged to Newgate and there treated with inhuman cruelty. He and his companions, three Priests, one Deacon, and five Lay Brothers, were rivetted by means of heavy fetters fastened to their necks and legs, to the walls and columns of their dungeon. Their hands were bound behind them, and they were thus left to perish of starvation. From this fate they were saved for a time by the courageous charity of Blessed Thomas More’s adopted daughter, Margaret Clement, who came to minister to and feed them at the risk of her life. When she could do this no longer, the valiant confessors laid down their lives one by one till William Horne alone survived. Some time later he was taken from prison to Tyburn there to consummate his sacrifice and share his triumph with Father Brindholm and Clement Philpot. He was the last of the fifteen sons of Blessed John Houghton, who followed him along the road to martyrdom.

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