The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 30 May 1612


Venerable William Maurus Scot, priest, O.S.B.
Venerable Richard Newport, secular priest

On Whitsun Eve they laid down their lives “for God’s honour and the testimony of the truth.” Both Martyrs had been banished several times, and had returned to England each time at the peril of their lives. Venerable William Maurus Scot joined the Order of Saint Benedict in Spain, and was one of the first English monks of the Congregation of Valladolid. He desired to go to his martyrdom in the habit of his Order, but this consolation was denied him. His companion, Venerable Richard Newport, had been ordained at Rome and was a native of Northamptonshire. His labours in the mission field bore much fruit, and therefore his speedy arrest and condemnation seemed all the more desirable to the enemies of the Church. The bodies of these two Confessors of the Faith were rescued and conveyed at night to the house of Dona Luisa de Carvajal, who had already paid the last honours to the relics of other Martyrs. The protection of the Spanish Embassy enabled this brave woman to spend herself in ministering to the needs, both spiritual and corporal, of Catholics in England, the country of her adoption, which she loved with a devotion inspired and maintained by God Himself.

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