The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 30 August 1588


Venerable Richard Leigh, secular priest
Venerable Edward Shelley, layman
Venerable Richard Martin, layman
Venerable Richard Flower, layman
Venerable John Roche, layman
Venerable Margaret Ward, gentlewoman

Venerable Richard Leigh was martyred for the sole cause of his priesthood, and his companions either for being reconciled to the Church or for assisting and relieving priests.

It was for this latter offence that Margaret Ward was condemned. Hearing that Father Watson was suffering cruel torments in Bridewell, where no one ventured to succour him, she found means, by making friends with the jailor’s wife, to give him food and finally procured him a rope by which he made his escape. She was at once apprehended, imprisoned and loaded with irons. She was moreover hung by the hands and cruelly scourged, all of which sufferings she accepted as preludes to the martyrdom by which she hoped with the grace of God to be honoured. When brought to trial, she said that never in her life had she done anything of which she repented less, that death for such a cause would be very welcome to her, and that she was willing to lay down not one life only, but many if she had them. She showed to the end an unswerving constancy.

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