The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 26 April 1642


Venerable Edward Morgan, secular priest

Born in Flintshire, North Wales, he was educated at the English College of Douai, and was ordained priest at Salamanca.

The last fifteen years of his life were passed in the Fleet prison, where he suffered the want of all things except courage and confidence in God.

“For though,” said he, when death approached, “by nature I am timorous, now have I no manner of apprehension of halters, knives or fires, or whatever else I may suffer for a good cause, and gladly would I have many lives if I might lay them all down in the service of so good a Master.”

He said to those who came to receive his last blessing – and his cloak was nearly all snipped away for relics – “Pray that I may die as a Catholic priest, with a constant humility and a humble constancy, that no fear may terrify me, neither any presumption puff me up. . .”

Father Morgan met death with such cheerfulness that a minister reproved him. The Martyr replied: “Why should anyone be offended at my going to Heaven cheerfully? for God loves a cheerful giver.”

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