The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 24 August 1601


Venerable Nicholas Tichbourne, layman
Venerable Thomas Hackshot, layman

Venerable Nicholas Tichbourne was born at Hartley, in Hampshire. He was related to Yen. Thomas Tichbourne, Priest, martyred at Tyburn a year later. Father Tichbourne owed this extra time of his apostolate to the self-sacrificing devotion of his kinsman and of Thomas Hackshot, who laid down their lives in his stead, being condemned for having assisted in rescuing him.

Venerable Thomas Hackshot was born at Mursley, in Buckinghamshire. His part in the matter was this: Knowing that the holy prisoner was to be conducted through a certain street by a single keeper, he awaited their coming, and knocking down the officer, gave the priest the opportunity to escape. Being less careful of his own safety, he was seized and cast into the dungeon which the priest had just vacated. There he endured diverse torments, till at length he was brought to trial and sentenced to die for the same cause of Christian charity with Nicholas Tichbourne.

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