The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 20 April 1602


Venerable Francis Page, priest, S.J.
Venerable Thomas Tichburn, secular priest
Venerable Robert Watkinson, secular priest

Venerable Francis Page was a lawyer‘s clerk at the time of his conversion, which he owed to the lady to whom he was betrothed. Thereupon giving up his heart wholly to God, he entered the seminary of the martyrs. He was saying Mass in the house of Anne Line on that Candlemas Day on which she was captured. A year later he was sold to his enemies by a woman who had once professed herself to be a Catholic, but who subsequently turned to the base business of betraying priests into the hands of their enemies.

Father Tichburn was born at Hartley, in Hampshire. He was the kinsman of Venerable Nicholas Tichburn, who had suffered in his stead in the August of the previous year. He had now the happiness of witnessing to Christ with the life which was already burning itself out in a hectic fever.

It was Father Watkinson who, on returning to England in weak health, met on the following day a venerable stranger who, before suddenly disappearing, greeted him with the words, “Jesus bless you, Sir, you seem to be sick and troubled with many infirmities; but be of good cheer, for within these four days, you shall be cured of all.” And so it befell.

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