The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 14 July 1679


Venerable Richard Langhorne, layman

A barrister and a zealous Catholic, Langhorne was one of the first victims of Titus Gates and his associates, being impeached by them as a ringleader in their pretended plot, and especially as conspiring to kill the King. After more than eight months’ close imprisonment in Newgate, he was tried, and false witnesses having been called, he was condemned with Father Whitebread, the English Provincial, and the other four Jesuit Fathers who were his companions.

He declared on the scaffold at Tyburn, that not only a pardon, but many preferments and estates had been offered to him if he would forsake his religion.

As the hangman was placing the rope round his neck, he took it into his hands and kissed it. Crossing himself, he prayed: “Blessed Jesus, into Thy hands I commend my soul and spirit, now at this instant take me into Paradise. I am desirous to be with my Jesus.”

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