The One Hundred and Five Martyrs of Tyburn – 11 April 1608


Venerable George Gervase, priest, O.S.B.

He was born at Bosham, in Sussex, his mother belonging to the Shelley family of that county. George was left an orphan when only twelve years old, and with two of his brothers, was kidnapped by pirates and carried off to the Indies. After another period of twelve years, during which time he quite lost the religion taught him as a child, he found means to return to England, and afterwards went over to Flanders, where he succeeded in tracing his eldest brother. George Gervase was there reconciled to the Catholic Faith, and soon after entered the English seminary at Douai. In due time he was ordained and sent on the English Mission. In the space of two years he won many souls to God, and was then apprehended and sent from prison to banishment. His brother endeavoured to persuade him to remain in safety in Flanders, but the promise by which he was bound, as well as the great love he bore his country, brought him back to die for it. He was thirty-six years of age when he yielded up his life at Tyburn, and had been but lately enrolled in the Order of Saint Benedict.

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