The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary As Set Forth in Her Litany – Queen of Virgins

“The Queen that stood on thy right hand; after her shall virgins be brought to the king: her neighbors shall be brought to Thee. They shall be brought with gladness and rejoicing; They shall be brought into the kingdom of the king. They shall remember thy name throughout all generations. Therefore shall people praise thee forever; yea, forever and ever” (Psalm 44:10,15,18).

Mary ever Virgin is seated at the right hand of her Divine Son in His heavenly kingdom. As Queen of Heaven, she occupies the place of honor next to the King. This Virgin of Virgins shall lead other virgins to the King, who, with gladness and rejoicing, shall form His special court. “They are virgins, these follow the Lamb whithersoever he goes.” (Apocalypse 14:4)

To them the Psalmist promises the empire of the world. They hold the first rank in the hierarchy of the saints, and because of their voluntary renouncement of all earthly goods and pleasures, which endure not, but pass like vapors before the winds, they are elevated above the other creatures of God. Of Mary, the peerless Virgin, the Virgin Mother, the words of Tobias are spoken: “Thou shalt rejoice in thy children, because they shall all be blessed, and shall be gathered together to the Lord” (Tobias 13:17).

Especial reference is here made of those who consecrate themselves to God and spend their lives in the sanctification of their souls in holy religion. Saint Jerome explains beautifully the dignity of those children of Mary, the Queen of Virgins, when he says: “Death came through Eve, life by Mary. She formed a new family, one of virgins, in order that her Son, the King, who was worshiped in Heaven by angels, might have also on earth, in virgins, angels, who would pay him homage.”

Mary was the first among women to consecrate herself to God voluntarily by the vow of perpetual Virginity. She has drawn millions on millions of other virgins of every rank, age and condition in life to follow her leadership and live the life of angels among men.

They praise and magnify the name of their model and queen, Mary ever Virgin.

They surpass in merit the heavenly spirits, for they are virgins in a corruptible body, which makes their virtue of a heroic mold, and thereby all the more meritorious. They wear a double crown, that of virgin and that of martyr, for the Fathers of the church assure us that the preservation of virginity is a prolonged martyrdom which will receive a like reward with that of blood.

“These follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes. For they are without spot before the throne of God” (Apocalypse 14:1-5). In following the Lamb, they follow in the suite of Mary, the ever glorious Virgin Mother of the King, and she is ever on His right hand.

How fruitful is Mary’s voluntary vow of perpetual chastity in the innumerable children who have chosen her as their Queen! They love her virginity and willingly give up all of life’s ephemeral pleasures to merit to follow with her the Lamb throughout the mansions of His heavenly kingdom.

“All the angels and archangels, the thrones and principalities, serve you faithfully, O Mary,” exclaims Saint Bonaventure; “All the powers and virtues obey you; all the dominations wait upon you; all the cherubim and seraphim form your entourage and minister unto you. All the angels cease not to cry out, Holy, holy, holy, is the Mother of God, Mother and Virgin” (Speculi).

How enthusiastically does the army of virgins join their voices in the glad chorus of the angels, praising and magnifying the name of their Queen, Mary undefiled, untouched, immaculate Virgin of Virgins.