The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary As Set Forth in Her Litany – Preface

Every child fondly loves its mother. Not in words only, but by deeds even more, it shows her the most beautiful devotion.

It finds daily, ingeniously enough, new methods to rejoice her soul, and have her to feel its deep veneration for her. Children never tire of repeating the praises of their mother. They cherish the tenderest affection for her, whose loveliness is ever present before their eyes.

In the home, they gather around her; when absent they think of her and long to return to her gentle smile and loving embrace.

In their appreciation of her, she is the best, the fairest, the greatest, yes, the noblest, the most lovable, the most beautiful of all women. There is none comparable to her. She surpasses all others. They laud her on every possible occasion, and resent the slightest reflection upon the beauty of her heart or soul. Their life is wholly wrapped up in hers.

Our love and devotion for our sweet loving Mother Mary caused us to write this book in her honor. As one of her children, we wish to lay at the feet of the most admirable of mothers our meed of homage.

Though every child of hers should indite a work, extolling her graces, there would still remain as much and more to be written in her honor. We cannot sing her praises too joyously, nor too often. The more we publish her singular devotion, her purity, her chastity, the more reason we will find to exalt her admirable virtues.

God has elevated her so signally above all His creatures, that what all men and nations might do to render her name greater would be, in comparison to His predilection for her, less than a raindrop to the waters of all the rivers and oceans of the world.

If these pages will bring one mind more to know her, one more heart to love her, one soul more to sing her praises, I shall deem my humble efforts well repaid.

In writing this book on the life of the Virgin Mother of our Redeemer, our own dear Mother, the ever glorious and blessed Virgin Mary, my soul’s desire is that others may become her devout clients, who, in their day, will stand with all the saints and angels of God, verifying in their praises of her, throughout the eternal years, her glorious prophecy: “All generations shall call me blessed” (Luke 1:48).