The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary As Set Forth in Her Litany – Mother Undefiled

Man’s life is a warfare here below, not merely for a time, but throughout its whole course. Against us are marshaled the powers of darkness, the seductions of a wicked world and the temptations of the flesh. While every man is born with the guilt of sin upon him, his soul is made as white as the purest fleece by the cleansing waters of holy baptism. From a child of wrath he becomes a child of God.

Through the efficacy of the regenerating waters of baptism, we are made pleasing in the sight of God, since there is no longer a stain upon us, hence our Lord said, “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come to me: for the kingdom of Heaven is for such” (Matthew 19:14).

But how short lived, for the most of men is the holy innocence of their childhood! Are we not told in holy scripture that he that saith he did no wrong hath not the truth in him?

Like the beautiful bright rays of the sun which are obscured by darkness, oftentimes by ominous clouds; or like the snowflakes that mantle the earth with a pure white vesture, which are quickly defiled by coming in contact with earth’s corruption; or, again, like the pure sparkling waters, gurgling forth from the bowels of the earth, that are soon mudded in their course, is the life of man on his journey to his final goal.

The luscious fruits of orchard and vineyard, so fair to the eye of the gardener; the fields covered with promising grain crops, that glitter as gold in the sunlight, rejoicing the heart of the husbandman; the verdant valleys and rich green hillsides with herds of cattle browsing upon them, are all, at times, blighted, ruined in the twinkling of an eye, blasting the fond hopes of the tiller of the soil.

All that glitters is not gold, and much, very much, of what there is in the world is like the fruit of the Dead Sea – that is, beautiful to behold, yet crumbles to dust at your touch. So it is with the lives of men. Some, like the fairest flowers, grow up exhaling the sweet fragrance of their virtues, when, in an evil hour, their sworn enemy, the foul spirit of darkness, steals into their hearts and robs them of their beauty. Others, like a gently flowing stream of crystal-like water, move along serenely and gently until deflected from their natural course and are drawn into a polluted channel through the alluring, though treacherous, promises of a wicked world. While others still, like the giant tree of the forest, or the rosy fruit of the orchard, at whose heart the worm gnaws until it decays and falls to the ground, are devoured by the worm within them, their own flesh and blood, to whose insidious temptations they fall ready victims.

Is there, then, no one to be found among the children of men whom God made to His own image and likeness, who has not fallen a prey to the wiles of the serpent, to the fascinations of a corrupt world, or to the trials of the flesh?

There is one, and only one, our own sweet, loving, humble Mother Mary, the Mother of our Saviour. Like the sweet, violet crouching beneath the hillside, hiding itself away, yet aromatizing its environments with its delicate perfume, do we find the handmaid of the Lord, hidden, away in a lowly valley, midst the hills of Judea, giving forth the most exquisite aroma of incomparable virtues, the humble Virgin of Nazareth, the Mother of God and our most sweet and loving mother undefiled.

It is of faith that at no time in all the course of her existence, from the very instant of her immaculate conception to the close of her most pure life, did the slightest defilement tarnish her immaculate soul or most chaste body, to mar their loveliness before Him Who is infinite sanctity, her Creator.

She is all fair, all beautiful, radiant as the morning rising, spotless as the sunbeam, white as the snowflake, without spot or stain, free from the blight that overtook man in the terrestrial paradise.

She is the spotless virgin of virgins, the Mother of Jesus, His Mother Undefiled.