The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary As Set Forth in Her Litany – Mother, Most Chaste

To be chaste is to be angelic. What is there more beautiful, more excellent than chastity which makes man pure?

Chastity represents in the world the glorious state of immortality. It requires no extraneous ornament, being its own most beautiful adornment. It makes us pleasing to God, unites us with Jesus Christ, combats the pernicious tendencies of the flesh, gives peace to the body, and, possessing in its essence unspeakable bliss, it renders all who enjoy it perfectly happy.

It is a shield to our eyes, it dissipates darkness and creates brightness. Chastity crucifies the flesh and elevates it heavenward. It fills the heart with delight and furnishes wings to the soul whereon it may soar to the throne of God.

It gives spiritual joy and overcomes chagrin; it moderates the violence of passion, weakens concupiscence and frees the soul from the agonizing assaults of flesh and blood.

We may apply to this great virtue the words of wisdom: “All gold, in comparison of her, is as a little sand; and silver in respect to her, shall be counted as clay” (Wisdom 7:9). And again: “Love her above health and beauty, and choose to have her instead of light: for her light cannot be put out” (Wisdom 7:10).

For she is more beautiful than the sun and above all the others of the stars: being compared with the light, she is found before it” (Wisdom 7:29).

Chastity ennobles and glorifies whoever possesses it. Are riches desired here? What is more precious than chastity?

She should be our closest companion in life, having the assurance that through her, we will come into the enjoyment of the greatest wealth. In our cares and sorrows, she will be our sweetest comfort. Through her, we shall win immortality and leave unto those who shall come after us a glorious and abiding memory.

In our home she shall be company to us and her discourse being void of all bitterness, she shall be a source of joy and gladness to us.

Unless God grant us the grace we cannot practice chastity. With humble and loving hearts we should seek it at His merciful hands.

“He that is mighty,” may the chaste soul exclaim with Mary, “hath done great things to me” (Luke 1:49). “He hath showed might in His arm” (Luke 1:51). The beautiful pen pictures found in the Scriptures concerning Judas Machabees correspond admirably to whomsoever practices the virtue of chastity.

“He put on a breastplate as a giant, and girt his warlike armour about him in battles, and protected the camp with his sword. In his acts he was like a lion, and like a lion’s whelp roaring for his prey. And he possessed the wicked and sought them out, and all the workers of iniquity were troubled; and salvation prospered in his hand. And he made Jacob glad with his works, and his memory is blessed forever” (Machabees I-III).

It was by his chastity that the youthful Joseph gave evidence of his great valor. His mantle is seized by the hand of the temptress, but his mind and heart remained free. He relinquishes his garment, but clings to his purity.

The Apostle Saint Paul warns us to keep ourselves pure as we are the temple of God. If this can be said of us poor sinners, what can be said of Mary, the Immaculate, who carried God Himself in her chaste womb? “Know you not, that you are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwells in you?”

We are the temple, not of man, but of God; we are a holy and not a profane temple, a temple wherein God loves to dwell, especially when it be adorned with chastity. “But if any man violate the temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which you are” (1 Corinthians 3:16-17).

Of all the children of men, Mary is the holiest, the fairest, the purest. There is none of God’s creatures, whether in the heavens or on the earth, that approaches her beauty, her loveliness. She is His temple, undefiled, thrice holy; holy by her eminent sanctity and grace with which the Father endowed her; holy by the over-shadowing of the Holy Ghost, Who chose her as His chaste spouse; holy in conceiving in her immaculate womb Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of the Father, and her own Divine Son.

Eternal holiness, infinite chastity, God the all-perfect, chose her as His mother, the mother of Jesus, the infinite source of all grace.

‘Twas midst the pure, white lilies of her virginal womb, that He took up His abode among men. She was all fair in His sight, and He rejoiced in the beauty of her chaste body and soul. Full of grace, she was pre-eminently holy and pure, and because of her chastity, He took of her immaculate flesh and blood, becoming her Son, without the least umbrage to her chastity, for she remains always a virgin, though the Mother Most Chaste of Jesus, the Son of God and the Redeemer of men.