The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary As Set Forth in Her Litany – Mother Most Amiable

God loves His works and delights in them. His love is commensurate with the perfection of His handiwork, so that the greater beauty He finds in them the more amiable are they in His sight. But God has no work more exalted or perfect in His creation than Mary.

He might make a greater world, a sublimer Heaven, but not a nobler, better mother than His own most amiable Mother, Mary.

Her love for Him, arising from her fullness of grace, surpasses that of all the choirs of angels. Her heart is a very ocean of love. She loved and loves God more than all His other creatures united. In her is all beauty; in her are all virtues, all graces, all perfections that can be found in all the saints combined. She has united them in herself, as the ocean unites in its bosom the waters of all the rivers of the world.

In creating the universe, God but spoke the word; while in creating Mary “He hath showed might in His arm” (Luke 1:51). An ardent love for God consumed her soul. She longed for the redemption of man, for the coming of the Messiah. It was the object of her constant supplication. Her prayer availed and God condescended to tabernacle in her womb and become man to save man.

How lovable, O Lord, is this, Thy tabernacle among men, Mary, Thy most tender mother, by every title that renders Thy creature amiable in Thy sight. Most dear to God the Father, she is no less amiable to her spouse, the Holy Spirit of God.

One of the great advocates and lovers of Mary, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, tells us in his sermon on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin that the Holy Ghost united Himself to Mary as the fire does to the iron. He inflames her, consumes her, transforms her into His own love, in such a manner that we see in her only the ardent flower of love of the Holy Ghost.

She experiences only the fire of divine love. With reason is she called in Holy Scripture “the mother of fair love” (Ecclesiastes 24:24).

If lovable to the Father and the Holy Spirit, how amiable to God the Son Whose mother she is! What son that does not look upon his mother as the most amiable among women! He loves her tenderly, he sees in her only what is lovable. She is all and all to him, his life, his sweetness, his hope. She is to him the best, the greatest, the most beautiful of women. If such be the feeling of the ordinary son for his mother, what must be the devotion of Jesus for His most pure, amiable mother.

To her alone He owes His being a child of man, hence He loves her wholly without having to share His affection with another. He belongs entirely to Mary. She has for Him an undivided love. Between them there is a perfect mutual love. They are to each other most amiable. Jesus knows and, in a Godlike manner, appreciates the lovable graces that adorn the soul and body of His mother. He is perfect and beautiful because all beauty and perfection are in Him; Mary is all beautiful for nothing defiled is in her.

The integrity of her virginity makes her body lovable; the virtues of humility and chastity render her soul radiant with loveliness. Her body is as pure as the snow, her soul is spotless.

Mary, the Mother of Him Who is dignity itself; beautiful, beside eternal beauty, immaculate in presence of Him Who never knew corruption, great with the Most High, spouse of the Holy Ghost, is the mother most amiable of Jesus. She conceived Him in her womb, nursed Him in His infancy and cared for Him in childhood and young manhood, accompanied Him in His journeys of kindness, love and charity.

In His sorrows she compassionated with Him, she rejoiced with Him in His joys. She was ever with Him from the manger to the tomb. His Godlike devotion to her points out how amiable His Mother Mary was to Him.