The International Catholic Truth Society


An organization founded in 1899 and incorporated under the Laws of the State of New York in 1900, which has for its object the propagation and the defense of the Catholic faith. The four means by which this object is to be achieved are the public press, pamphlets, Catholic books, and the remailing of Catholic papers. Attacks and misrepresentations of Catholic affairs in the public press are promptly refuted and explained, if possible, in the paper in which the false statements appeared; pamphlets on subjects of Catholic interest are printed and distributed, largely by means of the Catholic clergy; lists of Catholic books are distributed to the officers in Public Libraries and to anyone who may apply, that a demand may be created for these standard works and that students may find available fair statements of the Catholic point of view; and the remailing of Catholic papers and magazines is accomplished by individual members of the Society remailing their own copies to people whose names are furnished by the Society, and to whom Catholic periodical literature would not otherwise be accessible. Many fair-minded publishers appeal to the Society, asking revision of text-books written by non-Catholic writers, that nothing incorrect regarding Catholicity, its history or its doctrines, may unwittingly be included in their books. In the first twenty-five years of its existence (18991924), the Society distributed over 16,000,000 papers and magazines, over 4,000,000 pamphlets, and about 40,000 lists of books, and contributed nearly 15,000 books to home and foreign missions. The official organ of the Society, “Truth Magazine,” is published monthly and distributed to the regular and life members.

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