The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century – Venerable Vincent Romano

Blessed Vincent RomanoThe process of beatification is nearly completed for a priest of the archdiocese of Naples, the Venerable Vincent Romano, parish priest of Herculaneum. During thirty-five years Romano labored in his parish, inspired by an unwearied zeal to gain entirely for Christ the souls entrusted to him. Fatigued after working all day, he spent the night in prayer to refresh his soul and to obtain courage and inspiration for new labors. But near Naples not only is there turmoil in the depths of the earth – the spirits of men are also easily roused to fury and tumult. So Romano was often in peril of his life because of the wicked, for whom he had made difficult the gratification of their passions. But Providence watched over him. He died in 1831, at the age of 80.

– this text is taken from The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century: Saintly Men and Women of Our Own Times, by Father Constantine Kempf, SJ; translated from the German by Father Francis Breymann, SJ; Impimatur by + Cardinal John Farley, Archbishop of New York, 25 September 1916