The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century – Venerable Rosa Carafa di Traetto

Sister Maria Rosa CarafaThe honor of the altar awaits the Venerable Rosa Carafa di Traetto. She was a twin child, born at Naples on 6 April 1832. Her father was the Marquis Joseph Carafa di Traetto. Cardinal Carafa, archbishop of Benevento, was her uncle. She obtained her father’s permission to abstain from theaters and concerts, for she had found them not always irreproachable. She received many proposals of marriage from estimable young men, but the love of God had long been master of her heart. Until the death of her father in 1873, she lived with her family; because in the weak condition of her health it seemed inadvisable for her to enter a Religious Order. But three years later she was able to offer her service to the Servants of the Sacred Heart, tertiaries of Saint Francis, at Naples. As mistress of novices and superior of those who without vows were affiliated with the Congregation and lived in their families, but especally by the splendor of her great sanctity and her noble name, she brought to the young Society honor and esteem among men and grace before God. Her happy death took place on 2 May 1890.

– this text is taken from The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century: Saintly Men and Women of Our Own Times, by Father Constantine Kempf, SJ; translated from the German by Father Francis Breymann, SJ; Impimatur by + Cardinal John Farley, Archbishop of New York, 25 September 1916