The Holiness of the Church in the Nineteenth Century – Aloysia Borgiotti

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The Servant of God, Aloysia Borgiotti, born at Turin in 1803, was the daughter of a distinguished advocate. Her eighteenth year was the turning-point in her life. Inclined to be somewhat frivolous before this time, her surrender to God was henceforth without reserve. “No more vanity, no more tepidity, but only penance and suffering,” summed up her new plan of life, which she followed in grim earnest until the day of her death. It was not long before she took a vow of chastity and resolved to become a Sister of Charity. Her mother and her two brothers were invalids, so that the whole care of the house fell upon her; and she practiced in her own family the heroic work of a Sister of Charity. After her mother had followed the two brothers to the grave Aloysia entered a pious society that had taken up the work of attending the sick poor who were ashamed to ask for help. For thirty-one years she sought out the homes of misery and want in Turin, giving material help to great numbers and to still more the support of spiritual consolation. She manifested a great devotion to the sufferings of Christ. In every sick person she beheld the suffering Saviour, and for this reason believed that she could never treat the sick with sufficient charity.

Aloysia was already sixty-two years of age when she was commissioned to enter the Sisters of Nazareth, which the superior of the Lazarists, Father Durando, was then organizing in Turin, and to take the office of superior. She rendered such important services to the rising Congregation by her experience and the example of her holiness that the title of co-founder is justly due to her. She filled the office for eight years until her death, which occurred after a brief illness.

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