Golden Legend – Life of Saint Vedaste


Here next followeth the Life of Saint Vedaste. Saint Vedaste was ordained Bishop of Arras by the hand of Saint Remigius. And Saint Vedaste was of much great holiness and cleanness: for when he came to the gate of Arras he found there two poor men of whom that one was lame and that other blind. These two poor men demanded of him some alms. And Saint Vedaste answered to them and said: I have neither gold nor silver, but this that I have I give to you. Then he made them both whole by virtue of his prayer. It happed on a time he came into a church destroyed, and found there a wolf among the bushes; and he commanded him that he should go his way, and anon he obeyed to him and fled, so that sith that time he was not seen. At the last, when he had converted much people, by his word and predication, to the faith of God, and also by good examples showed evidently to the people, in the fortieth year of his bishopric, he saw a dove of fire that came from heaven to his house. And by that he understood well that he should finish and pass out of this world, and so he did, for he died anon after, about the year of our Lord five hundred and fifty. When his body should be translated, Saint Omer which was blind for age, was sorry that he might not see the body of Saint Vedaste and anon our Lord enlumined him, and rendered to him his sight. And he saw the body of Saint Vedaste, but anon after, he was blind again as he had been tofore. Let us pray to him, etc.