The Following of Christ, Book I, Chapter V

cover of the ebook 'The Following of Christ'Of reading the Holy Scriptures

1. Truth is to be sought for in holy scripture, not eloquence. All holy scripture ought to be read with that spirit with which it was made.

We must rather seek for profit in the scriptures, than for subtlety of speech.

We ought as willingly to read devout and simple books: as those that are high and profound.

Let not the authority of the writer offend thee, whether he was of little or great learning: but let the love of pure truth lead thee to read.

Enquire not who said this: but attend to what is said.

2. Men pass away: but the truth of the Lord remains for ever.

God speaks many ways to us: without respect of persons.

Our curiosity often hinders us in reading the scriptures, when we attempt to understand and discuss that which should be simply passed over.

If thou wilt receive profit, read with humility, simplicity, and faith: and seek not at any time the fame of being learned.

Willingly enquire after and hear with silence the words of the saints: and be pleased with the parables of the ancients: for they are not spoken without cause.