The Finding of the Holy Cross, by Father Médaille

detail from 'Saint Helena'; by Cima da Conegliano, c.1495The Cross, which we have so often before our eyes, teaches us four great truths. The first is the value of our soul, since God, Who knows all things, shed His Blood and gave up His life on the Cross in order to ransom our soul. Let us not lose it, but take all the care of it which it deserves.

The second truth is the heinousness of sin, since, in order to expiate it, it was necessary for a God to die upon a cross. Let us hate sin with all our heart.

The third truth is the severity of the Divine justice, since God chose so terrible a mode of satisfaction. Let us keep this justice in dread. The fourth truth is the deep love our Redeemer has shown for us. Let us love a God Who died on a cross to show us His love.