The Carmelite Review – Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

detail of a statue of Saint Maria Magdalena of Pazzi; date and artist unknown; Estrela basilica, Lisbon, Portugal; photographed in April 2010 by Alvesgaspar, and a great job he did, too; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsSaint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi is another conspicuous flower on the holy vine. She was born of an illustrious family in Florence in 1566. On entering religion she took as her motto “To Suffer and not to Die,” and her life henceforth was one of penance for sins, not her own, for the love of God. She was raised by God to the highest state of prayer. She died after a life more angelic than human in 1607. Her body remains still incorrupt in a magnificent shrine in our convent at Florence, and appears but very little changed after a period of 286 years.

– text taken from the article “Flowers of Carmel” in the May 1893 edition of The Carmelite Review magazine, authored by P.A.B.