The Carmelite Review – Saint Angelus the Martyr

detail of the painting 'San Angelo' by Antonio de Pereda, c.1667Saint Angelus was a holy Carmelite whose life was synonymous with his name – angelic. He shed his blood in defense of the truth. When living in Rome the saint was the frequent companion of the humble Saint Francis and Saint Dominic, the founders of two other great mendicant orders of the Franciscans and Dominicans. Saint Angelus was ever desirous to spread the devotion of the Rosary of Saint Dominic, and the latter saint was no less zealous in propagating devotion to our Lady of Mount Carmel. The beads and the scapular are inseparable companions.

– text taken from the article “Flowers of Carmel” in the May 1893 edition of The Carmelite Review magazine, authored by P.A.B.