The Bridal Song of A Sister of Charity

Oh, day of bliss! oh, day of rapt content!
Oh, day of daring hope’s accomplishment!
Now, Jesus, is my holocaust complete,
I am Thy Spouse, O tenderest Lover sweet!

Gentle Thy wooing, soft Thy call to me,
Thou Who hast loved me from eternity,
Robing my sinful soul in purest white
That in its lilied depths Thou mightest delight.

Veiling Thy glory lest it blind these mortal eyes,
O Wondrous Love, my Prince, in meek disguise
Thou comest a Eucharistic bride to claim,
And to a beggar-maid Thou givest Thy Name.

My thorny wreath more precious is by far
Than all earth’s crowns of gold or flowers are;
And sweet the promise of my nuptial vows
That I shall daily grow like Thee, my Spouse.

My crucifix, pledge of our troth, I take
That lures me on to suffer for Thy sake.
Thou art my Strength, my Peace, my Final Goal –
Oh, keep me true to Thee, Soul of my soul!

O brides of earth, do you not envy me
Who never parted from my Love shall be?
Whom death shall only place in His embrace,
Lifting the veil that hides awhile His face?