The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, by Father Médaille

detail of a stained glass window depicting the Assumption of Mary; Henri Curcier, date unknown; Church of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption, Lanquais, Dordogne, France; photographed on 8 March 2015 by Père Igor; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsOn the Death of the Blessed Virgin

The Blessed Virgin, in order to get quit of all that was mortal, had to die; also to submit to the general law that condemns all men to death; finally, to be in all things like her Son. She submits to death with profound humility, with entire confidence in the goodness of her God, with an ardent desire to resemble Him and be reunited with Him, Who was the object of all her love. How happy our death will be, if we accept it in such dispositions!

The Blessed Virgin dies without fear or agitation of mind, in perfect peace of conscience, without suffering or bodily disease, but only through the strength and vehemence of her love for her God. Her Son is present to fill her with joy, to receive her beautiful soul into His hands, and to conduct it in triumph to heaven. Let us rejoice with our Holy Mother in the unspeakable sweetness of her death, and desire for ourselves a holy death.

The Blessed Virgin is appointed by her Son the protectress of the dying: she is their pattern. She protects them by obtaining for them the grace to die well, and teaches them to prepare, by angelic purity, by complete detachment, and by tender love, for a good death. Let us strive to acquire this frame of mind, and to merit Our Lady s protection by our devotion, our confidence, and our prayers: “Now and at the hour of our death.”

On the Resurrection of the Blessed Virgin

The first privilege of the Blessed Virgin’s resurrection is, that after death and entombment her body was preserved from all decay and corruption. God kept this sacred body with special care, as indeed was fitting, since it had had the honour of receiving the Word Incarnate, and of being consecrated by the inward presence of her God, become her Son. In Holy Communion we receive the same God made Man, and by His presence He confers on our bodies the privilege of resurrection: “I will raise him up.” (John 6:40) Let us foster this firm hope, that it may strengthen us against the horrors of death.

The second privilege of this resurrection was that she rose from the dead at once. Others will rise again only at the end of the world; but Mary, without undergoing this wearisome delay, rose again as soon as her body was laid in the tomb. Her Son, who assumes the title of the Resurrection and the Life “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25), would not delay giving resurrection and life to that sacred body from which He had received His own. Let us rejoice with our gracious Mother at this special favour, and in everything concerning our own resurrection submit to the decrees of Providence.

The third privilege of the Blessed Virgin’s resurrection is that it was accompanied by a glory beyond the power of words, The Blessed Virgin herself contributed to this, her beautiful soul returning from heaven to resume her body, and communicate to it her glory and her happiness. Her Son, accompanied by His angels and saints, honoured this glorious resurrection. Let us aspire to a resurrection of a like nature.

On Our Lady’s Glory in Heaven

Let us consider the glory of the entrance into Paradise of the Mother of God, the pomp and state with which her Son welcomed her, the endearments He bestowed on her, the joy and acclamations of all the blessed Court of heaven. All the choirs of angels and the saints acknowledged, greeted, and honoured her as their Queen, their Mother, their Help. After having congratulated her on this glorious entry, let us cherish the desire to be where she is; let us prepare to join her.

Let us consider the greatness of the glory Mary possesses in Heaven. The title of “Mother of God” the inconceivable fullness of her grace, the merits of a long life spent wholly in the practice of most heroic virtues, in acts of the most perfect holiness that ever was or ever will be, the important services she rendered to her God and her Son, all these were the causes of glory that never will be equalled, and that raises her above every thing that is not God. Let us labour joyfully for a God Who is so liberal in His rewards.

In the vast store of glory the Blessed Virgin possesses in heaven, she is: first, the object of the admiration, the blessings, and the tenderness of all heaven secondly, she it is who obtains for us God’s most potent and saving graces: Totum nos habere voluit per Mariam; thirdly, she is the Protectress, Queen, and Mother of the Church and of all the faithful; fourthly, she is the object of of the firm and tender confidence of the just as well as of sinners anxious to be converted. Let us pray to her every day to protect us in life, and to usher us into heaven “at the hour of our death.”