Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition

With their mother-house at Marseilles, France, the Sisters were founded at Gaillac, France in 1832 by Saint Emilie de Vialard for all kinds of charitable work including teaching, care for the sick, and support of the poor. The institute spread rapidly from the beginning, and though some houses in France were closed, they now number over 100 in various parts of the world, with over 1000 sisters. The congregation received Vatican approval on 31 March 1862. The sisters work in England caring for invalided women, and nursing in private houses. They have houses throughout the former British colonies, in the principal towns in Burma, Malta, Cyprus, at Beirut, and in Australia, in all of which places there are high schools, homes for the aged and orphanages under the charge of the sisters. There are also branches in Italy, Greece, South Africa, and the Holy Land.