Sister María de Jesús de Agreda

17th century portrait of Sister María de Jesús de Agreda, artist unknown; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Blue Lady
  • Lady in Blue
  • Maria of Ágreda
  • Maria of Jesus
  • María Coronel Arana
  • Mother of the Sky


Born wealthy, one of four children of Francis and Catherine Coronel. Hers was a pious family, and all of them eventually entered religious life in 1618 – her father and brothers became Franciscan brothers, Mary, her mother and sister became Franciscan nuns, the castle was converted into a convent, and all the family’s wealth was given to the poor. Chosen abbess of the convent of Agreda in 1627, Mary held the position the remaining 38 years of her life.

Mystic and visionary, she was given to ecstacies and trances. She had the gift of bilocation; in some of her trances she said she was teaching Christianity to people in foreign lands. A vision of her, known as the Lady in Blue was simultaneously reported teaching the native Tiguas and Caddoes in the areas of what are now New Mexico and Texas. Mary received an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary which led to her enormous work, The Mystical City of God, the Divine History of the Virgin Mother of God, which provoked a bitter controversy over its claim to be a revelation. It was condemned by the Roman Inquisition in 1681, and by the Sorbonne in 1696; the Spanish Inquisition had previously pronounced in its favor. Her Cause for Canonization was introduced on 28 January 1673.




Not only was the Word conceived before all these by eternal generation from the Father, but His temporal generation from the Virgin Mother full of grace, had already been decreed and conceived in the divine mind. Inasmuch as no efficacious and complete decree of this temporal generation could exist without at the same time including his Mother, and such a Mother, the most holy Mary, was then and there conceived within that beautiful Immensity, and Her eternal record was written in the bosom of the Divinity, in order that for all the ages it should never be blotted out. She was stamped and delineated in the mind of the eternal Artificer and possessed the inseparable embraces of his love. – Sister Mary of Agreda

It was revealed to me that through the intercession of the Mother of God, all heresies will disappear. This victory over heresies has been reserved by Christ for His Blessed Mother. Before the Second Coming of Christ, Mary must, more than ever, shine in mercy, might and grace in order to bring unbelievers into the Catholic Faith. – Sister Mary of Agreda

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