Short Lives of the Saints – The Chair of Saint Peter at Rome

Chair of Saint PeterEntry

Saint Peter, having been appointed by our divine Lord Himself the Head of the Church and representative on earth, proceeded in the fulfillment of his mission to evangelize Judea, Galilee, Samaria, and the neighboring countries; and finally, in the year 41 of the vulgar era, established his see at Rome, the capital of the civilized world. There he thenceforth preached; there he wrote his two epistles to the churches of Asia; and there he suffered martyrdom on the 29th of June, in the year 44. In the imperishable See of Rome, that which Peter was the Pope still is, and will continue to be – the Pastor of pastors and common Father of the faithful.

What though thy hands are fettered as they lift
The blessing of the cross? They still can guide,
Like Israel’s cloud, thy children scattered wide
Stiil are they warning to lost flocks adrift
On mist-enshrouded slopes; still can they bless
Thy faithful ones, who, weeping, peace implore.
Who, striving, spread thy realm far countries o’er.
Still rulest thou while kings, as shadows, pass;
And still the weary, craving love and home,
Peace in thy bosom seek, Eternal Rome!
– Edith Cook

Favorite Practice – To increase devotion to the Holy See.

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